• Brownsville, Brooklyn
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About Us

Sabrina & friendWinnie’s Closet is ordinary Christian women coming together to make an extraordinary impact in urban communities of Brownsville, Brooklyn. We believe that an individual can rise to their fullest spiritual, emotional, social, and economic potential by way of lifting others.

We provide free programs in the arts, praise dance, arts & crafts, culinary classes, trips, theatre, academic reinforcement, scholarship opportunities, and internships.  We work with grades K-12 through undegraduate college.  Our goal is to change a person’s perception by way of exposure and experiences as a means to prepare them for a brighter more productive future; we help shape lives through education, service, mentorship, and friendships.  Winnie’s Closet believes that if you nurture the soul of the child, that child will grow into a happy, healthy, productive contributer to society.

Our programs are completely funded by fundraisers, small grants, community partnerships with various nonprofit organizations, donations, and the generous volunteers that understand the importance of the work that we are doing in the community.

The late President of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela once said “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  Our aspiration is to teach and instill this train of thought into each of the students that will cross our path.